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London Decorating Service

Whether you’re looking to decorate or plastering a single room or an entire house, at London Construct Ltd, our decorating services are second-to-none. From hanging wallpaper to installing elaborate skirting boards and more, our decorating team will take an old and lifeless room and completely transform it. Before we proceed, we will discuss your requirements with you to get an understanding and recommend decorating services that are appropriate to your needs. Recommended to visit for the best painting and decorating services in South East London on Gumtree.

decorating and painting
Decorator holding a painting roller and painting a wooden surface, work tools and swatches at the bottom, banner with copy space
decorating and plastering

Plastering Service London

Over time, your plastering will start to break down, requiring urgent attention to put right again. Issues can include cracking to entire chunks of plaster falling away. When this happens, your walls’ appearance will be affected as will any existing paintwork work wallpaper. At London Construct Ltd, our skilled decorators & plasterers are adept at creating neat, uniform surfaces – ready to be decorated.


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